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Sourcing a wide range of innovative and competitive finance and loan packages tailored to the needs of GPs and GP Practices

At Sterling Commercial Finance we recognise that the healthcare sector is different.

We can help if you are a GP or a GP Practice:-

  • Looking for Finance to build a new surgery or medical health centre?
  • Wishing to purchase your own practice?
  • Wishing to finance an expansion?
  • Looking for finance to build a new surgery or medical centre?
  • Looking to buy into a practice?
  • Requiring a loan for new equipment?
  • Disillusioned with your current financial lender?

We have many contacts within the major banks, together with specialist niche healthcare lenders, and we know the types of deals that are synonymous with this sector.

For GPs and GP Practices, we are able to arrange up to 100% funding (often this can include legal fees and internet roll up facility) for:

  • New surgery development
  • New Medical Centre Development
  • Property Acquisition
  • Property Refinance
  • Business Expansions
  • Partnership Buy in/Buy out
  • Fixtures and Fittings / Refurbishment
  • Practice Loans
  • Surgery building extension / redevelopment

You can be confident that we will source an appropriate funding structure for you.

In the current financial climate, even for working professionals such as GPs and GP Practices, it is not always possible to find a lender who will be flexible to changing circumstances. We have developed relationships with our lenders to such an extent that the underwriters do their very best to accommodate the most stretching of our customers’ requirements.

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