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Banks have always been comfortable in lending up to 80% of the goodwill and 100% of the freehold premises value.

  • Business Purchase
    For a strong business – experience operator –up to 80% LTV should be achievable – lenders may want security if just business purchase
  • Freehold practice premises
    100% LTV
  • Combined business equity and freehold premises
    View appears to be that 80% LTV should be achievable for experienced operators and a mixture of the above depending on strength of the target – having said this we are aware of lenders who will look at up to 90% LTV for combined purchase
  • Whilst lenders appear to have a policy limit on the unsecured element we have seen very significant unsecured funding for the right target right business and right client
  • Max term 15 years for unsecured business purchase – up to 25 years for freehold and 20 yrs for combined
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