Business Loans

Business Loans are simply cash advances which creates a debt in the form of a loan, which is repaid at some future point.

These loans are used for virtually any purpose, but usually where funding is required when your business needs to acquire, or to do something.

Loans come in many forms for instance:-

  • Unsecured (although a directors Guarantee will usually be required)
  • Secured where the lender will take a charge over an asset (less expensive than unsecured borrowing)
  • Loans repaid by way of monthly repayments, reducing the balance to nil over a period
  • Loans where only interest is paid until a future pre-agreed repayment date when the balance is repaid by a single payment


In addition to the High Street Banks, business loans are increasingly available from the “Alternative Finance Market”. These lenders will often support a business when traditional lenders will not. We have been active in this sector since its inception and work with a wide ranging panel of lenders who are looking to support you.

Have you considered?…..

  • Seeking finance elsewhere when your existing lender has declined to assist
  • How we can consider a wide range of potential lenders to secure the one most appropriate for your business
  • If your businesses finances are structured in the most suitable fashion
  • How seeking funds to grow your business would add to the bottom line and build value

Have a financial puzzle? Let us find the solution.