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Approximately 70% of the finance we arrange is introduced to us by professionals who value the service we provide.  Our introducer base comprises:

  • Accountants
  • IFA’s
  • Consultants
  • Solicitors
  • Non Exec Directors
  • Corporate Finance Teams
  • Banks
  • Alternative Funders
  • Business Consultants

Did you know?

  • Our consultants have backgrounds in Accounting and Banking and are used to treating clients on a professional level.  We have always done so.
  • There is no cross sell, we only arrange the finance, we do not offer audit, taxation or financial services.
  • We keep introducers informed of progress regularly
  • We have access to significantly more funders than most professionals, so we are often able to provide a solution if the bank is unable to assist.
  • Unlike many finance brokers, we do not charge up – front fees to your client – or any other client for that matter !
  • We are member of the NACFB (National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) and are bound by a strict code of conduct.
  • We are authorised and regulated by the FCA

These days, Accountants, Bankers and Business Advisers have become the ‘go to‘ place for information and be able to introduce clients to a full range of business services and that includes where to find funding.

By working with us, you can go that extra mile to source the right type of funding for your clients.  We can help blend the funding too if one source is not enough, so let us help you to help your clients

Bank Referrals

We work extensively with the Banks here in the East Midlands. We understand that sometimes a Bank is unable to lend to some businesses and turning them down would normally mean offering a referral to the National Bank Referral Scheme system.

Did you know that we can offer banks clients added value as opposed to a referral portal?

  • The opportunity of face to face meeting(s)
  • Closer proximity enables a business visit and a better understanding of the requirement(s)
  • We can introduce more than one facility type to provide a blended total solution
  • We have access to specialist Lenders
  • We can discuss the pros and cons of different options to ensure the solution is not only right for now, but will not compromise business objectives in the future
  • We don’t use algorithms
  • We have grey hair and common sense

Let’s keep our funding local, and hopefully more personal – doing this will also help the Bank to keep (what would otherwise be disappointed) customers and aid retention.

This site covers Business Finance and Property Finance. Visit Sterling Capital Reserve for our Corporate Finance services