Invoice Finance

Have a financial puzzle? Let us find the solution.

Invoice Finance is a flexible, revolving finance facility providing up to 90% of the value of your outstanding invoices, easing cashflow and releasing cash back into your business.

There are many variants of invoice finance such as factoring or CHOCS (Client handles own collection service) facilities, but by far the most flexible is confidential invoice discounting.   This facility is totally confidential and  increases with outstanding debtors; providing immediate working capital, ideal for growing businesses.

Many Asset Based lenders (ABLs) have additional, flexible funding lines alongside invoice finance, such as short term loans, asset finance, stock finance and property finance.  These often provide a far more flexible funding mechanism than traditional term loans in isolation; especially for businesses with more than one asset class.

Have you considered?…..

  • Using a single debtor facility for large “one off” invoices, rather than whole of ledger
  • Credit insuring any debtors to protect against bad debts
  • The restrictions you may have, if you have any contra’s on the purchase ledger
  • The flexibility your discounter has to offer additional finance over and above “vanilla”
  • Specialist discounters to fund applications and retentions within the construction sector
  • Leveraging against the sales ledger of “Target” to provide funding for an acquisition

Have a financial puzzle? Let us find the solution.