How much funding can my business receive through invoice finance?

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How much funding can my business receive through invoice finance?

The amount of funding your business can receive through invoice finance will depend on several factors, including the specific type of invoice finance, the finance provider, the creditworthiness of your customers and any concentration in your debtor ledger. In general, invoice finance providers typically advance a percentage of the invoice value as funding, ranging from 70% to 95%, with the remaining portion (less fees) paid to your business once the customer pays the invoice.

The actual percentage of the invoice value that you can receive will depend on various factors such as:

  1. Type of invoice finance: Factoring usually involves a higher percentage of invoice value than invoice discounting, as the factor takes on a more active role in managing the collections process and assumes a higher level of risk.
  2. Creditworthiness of customers: As assessed by the invoice finance provider, the creditworthiness of your customers can affect the percentage of invoice value advanced. If your customers have a good credit history and are considered low-risk, the finance provider may be willing to advance a higher percentage of the invoice value.
  3. Spread of customers: Any concentration of invoicing (value) to one customer may reduce the percentage advanced.
  4. Volume of invoices: The volume of invoices you generate can also impact the funding you can receive through invoice finance. Higher volumes of invoices may qualify for higher funding percentages.
  5. Industry and invoice characteristics: Some industries or types of invoices may be considered a higher risk, and the finance provider may adjust the funding percentage accordingly. For example, invoices with longer payment terms, higher invoice values, or from customers in higher-risk industries may result in lower funding percentages.
  6. Financial stability of your business: The financial stability of your business, including factors such as profitability, cash flow, and debt levels, may also be considered by the finance provider when determining the amount of funding you can receive.

It’s important to note that fees, such as discount or service fees, may also be associated with invoice finance, affecting the total amount of funds you receive. It’s advisable to carefully review and understand the terms, fees, and conditions of any invoice finance arrangement before proceeding to ensure that it meets the financing needs of your business. Working with a reputable and experienced invoice finance provider and seeking professional financial advice can also help you determine the appropriate funding amount for your business.