Commercial Property Investment

Are you a landlord looking to refinance commercial or semi-commercial investment property at a higher loan to value, in order to invest in further property?  Do you currently have a residential investment portfolio and are looking to purchase a semi-commercial property?  These are just a few scenarios that our clients are looking to finance and there are a growing number of Banks and Lenders in the market that are looking to lend.

Commercial investment mortgages are designed for property investors looking to purchase or refinance commercial or semi-commercial property for rental by a third party.  The value of these properties is often determined by the rental income, as opposed to bricks and mortar and the application process can be slower and underwriting manual.

We have access to lenders who will offer longer repayment terms and some that will lend on an interest-only basis.  The affordability of the loan is determined by the rental income that is being received.

Have you considered?

  • Property type
  • Your experience – have you managed a commercial property before
  • Tenant profile
  • lease terms
  • Rent to interest cover can be higher

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