Owner Occupied Mortgage

Are you a business owner looking to purchase your premises from your landlord or are you looking to move your business to a purpose built property or to refinance an existing commercial mortgage?

There are many factors to consider when funding your business premises and we are here to help you source and secure the finance that your business needs.

If you are thinking about owning your own premises, now would be a good time to look at other alternative properties.  You may wish to employ an Agent to source a number of properties for you to view, but before choosing one.

Have you considered?…..

  • Whether the property is suitable for you to meet your growth plans
  • If planning  would be granted for any future expansion
  • Are any repairs required and are they cost effective? – New roof?
  • If the landlord owns other units on the site, what are their plans for these and could this affect your business?


Have you considered?…..

  • How good are the communication routes if you need to deliver your goods and services to your customers?
  • Will it be further for your employees to travel and make it uneconomic for them?
  • Is a change of planning needed? Are alterations and repairs required?

Ownership Structure

 Who will own the property?  This is a key decision for potential future tax planning and income generation and a conversation you need to have with your Accountant or Financial Advisor.  You may run your business as a Sole Trader, Partnership, LLP or Limited Company.  Therefore it may be wise, after taking advice from your accountant, to buy the property in a different ownership structure that will then rent the property to your business.  You can then potentially sell the business at a future date and retain the property for an income in retirement.

Have you considered?

  • Buying in your sole name and renting to your Limited Company if you are the sole director?
  • Buying in the personal names of the Directors of your business and renting to the Company?
  • Setting up a separate Limited Company or Holding Company to buy the property and renting to your Trading Company
  • Setting up a Pension Scheme to own the property and rent to your business?

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    Applying for a Mortgage

    As well as the High Street, there are other Lenders in the Market that can assist and each comes with their own criteria and requirements.  We can guide you through the options and find a mortgage that suits your circumstances and meets your requirements.

    Ideally it is best that you have sourced a property and know the proposed ownership structure before we approach Lenders on your behalf.

    Have you considered?…..

    • how the mortgage payments compare to the rent
    • whether you have up to date accounts
    • Your credit profile
    • the level of deposit that you can afford. A minimum deposit of 25% is required along with the funds to cover stamp duty land tax, legal costs, valuation fees and other professional fees.

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