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Partner with Sterling Commercial Finance: Bank Referrals

We work extensively with the Banks here in the East Midlands. We understand that sometimes a Bank is unable to lend to some businesses and turning them down would normally mean offering a referral to the National Bank Referral Scheme system.

Did you know that we can offer banks clients added value instead of a referral portal?

Face-to-face meeting(s)

Meeting in person fosters stronger relationships and builds trust, which is crucial in financial dealings. Face-to-face interactions allow for more nuanced communication, making it easier to understand client needs and respond effectively. Clients can ask questions in real time, and we can address concerns more comprehensively.

Closer proximity

Proximity allows us to visit the client’s business premises, providing a first-hand look at operations, challenges, and opportunities. This deeper understanding enables us to tailor financial solutions to meet clients’ unique needs rather than offering generic solutions.

Blended total solutions

We are equipped to offer various financial products and services, including loans, lines of credit, leasing options, and more. By combining different facilities, we can create a customised, comprehensive financial package that addresses multiple needs and maximises the client’s financial flexibility.

Access to specialist lenders

Our network includes specialised lenders who can provide niche financial products unavailable through traditional banks. This access ensures clients have a more comprehensive range of options, increasing the likelihood of finding a solution that perfectly matches their requirements.

These funders will complement existing bank lending so banks retain the long-term relationship.

Ensuring the correct solutions

Our experienced team takes a long-term view of financial planning. We analyse various financial solutions’ short- and long-term impacts, ensuring that the chosen strategy supports the client’s current needs and future goals. This holistic approach helps prevent financial decisions that could hinder the business.


Unlike automated systems that rely on algorithms, our approach is human-centric. We use personal judgment, experience, and insight to make financial recommendations. This ensures that every decision is made with a deep understanding of the client’s situation and needs rather than relying on impersonal data alone.

Grey Hair and Common Sense

Our team consists of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the financial industry with a wealth of practical knowledge. We apply common sense and real-world understanding to our advice, avoiding overly complex solutions that may not be practical or beneficial for the client.

By offering these personalised, comprehensive, and experienced services, we provide significant added value to banks’ clients beyond what a simple referral portal can achieve. This approach ensures that clients receive tailored, thoughtful financial solutions that support their business success now and in the future.

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