Can I get Healthcare Finance for Leasehold Property?

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Can I get Healthcare Finance for Leasehold Property?

At Sterling Commercial Finance Ltd, we recognise that the healthcare finance sector is unique.  We have our own in-house specialist, with years of experience within the specialist healthcare team of a high street bank.

We are often asked about securing finance for Leasehold property so have put together this guide.

Lenders in this sector are used to lending for leasehold property so the straight answer is yes, subject to the usual caveats regarding serviceability etc.

The lender would want to know the terms of the lease and may want any onerous clauses removing. They will also warn you as to your commitments regarding continuance of paying rental if you stop trading and cannot sell the lease on.

You also need to consider the term of the lease, and if you are the first lessor. Also, are there any commitments at the end of the term i.e., that may require the lessor to convert the property back to the condition and layout when the initial lease was taken.

However, most lenders would not see any security value in a lease unless it was long term i.e., over 21 / 35 years.

How can Sterling help with Healthcare Finance?

At Sterling, we have a dedicated team looking after all Healthcare finance needs and regularly act for clients to find the right solution for either property of equipment purchase.

We have access to specialist Lenders who work closely with healthcare businesses and the team will work with you to go through the options, ensure all the information you need to make the application is in place and you are in the strongest position.

This is a specialist area, and we advise investors to seek advice at the earliest opportunity. If you have any questions, contact our Healthcare Finance Specialist Steve Divall on 0115 984 9800 or email