Can I purchase my own business premises?

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Can I purchase my own business premises?

Most businesses in the UK rent rather than buy their own business premises and, whilst it may not be appropriate for every business, there are advantages to owning your own commercial property. It may be that your landlord is looking to sell the property you are trading from, and you have the option to buy it, or you have found alternative premises for your business and are looking to buy, rather than rent.

The good news is that, if you are looking to borrow the funds to purchase, there are more Lenders than ever before offering commercial mortgages. The first step is to discuss the implications of purchasing commercial property with your accountant to determine if it makes financial sense for both you and your business and discuss your mortgage options with your commercial finance broker.

The decision to buy your own commercial premises is entirely dependent on your business needs and no two businesses are the same. Speak with your accountant, review your finances and growth expectations, and engage with your commercial finance broker to look at your commercial mortgage options.

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