What is a Green Mortgage?

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What is a Green Mortgage?

You may have heard the term Green Mortgage in the media, especially as the proposed EPC changes may come into force in the not-to-distant future, but there are things that Landlords and property investors need to be aware of.

Green mortgages can offer advantages for investors who take the long-term view once they can confirm that the property meets the proposed EPC ratings or have renovated a property to meet guidelines. ‘Green’ mortgage products often offer a favourable rate or a reduction in the arrangement fee.

So, what can Green Mortgages be used for?

At Sterling, we have access to Lenders who provide Green mortgages for Landlords looking to source energy-efficient property that requires little or no refurbishment or are refinancing an existing property within their portfolio. Property in this bracket usually meets the current EPC rating of A – C

Green mortgages can also be used for property that needs complete renovation to raise energy efficiency ratings and can include work to add solar panels, window upgrades or replacements, a new boiler, air source heat pumps, and electric charging points.

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