Where should EMPO Members consider investing next?

Property Investing

Where should EMPO Members consider investing next?

Property Landlords looking to build their portfolios tend to invest in their home towns or cities as management of the properties is easier.  However, looking for better yields and room for capital growth may involve looking further afield.

Research of new areas is of course essential before committing to buy, to see what the rental demand is like and the prospects for growth in rents and capital values.  The potential for cities outside a Landlords area can be dictated by large infrastructure projects like HS2 along with regenerations schemes bringing about employment opportunities and therefore increasing rental demand.

Before visiting prospective areas, Investors like to undertake a Desk Top evaluation and gather data from several sources.  One such source is a list of the top ten cities in the UK for property investment, produced by Seven Capital. They are a leading UK Property Developer who focus on regeneration.  Their scoring system combines house prices, average rental yields and forecast house price growth in five years.  The report can be sourced for free at: –


An alternative is the Aldermore Bank Buy to Let City Tracker. The Tracker, which has now been expanded to 50 cities, analyses five key indicators to include average total rent, the best short-term returns through yield, long-term return through house price growth over the past decade, the lowest number of vacancies as a proportion of total housing stock, and percentage of the city population in the rental market.

The latest version can be found at: –


If you are looking to expand your portfolio and require funding, then Sterling Commercial Finance can assist you with this in providing a wide range of BTL Solutions to suit your requirements.  Please contact either: –

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