Why do so many clients choose not to use a broker?

Why do so many clients choose not to use a broker

Why do so many clients choose not to use a broker?

So, with all these advantages, why do so many clients choose not to use a broker?

I offer three reasons, which all come down to awareness and image.

  • Firstly, many people in business are entrepreneurs and feel they do not need to outsource this task. They believe that by contacting their bank (and if that doesn’t work, the next one on the high street), they will get the best deal available. They do not appreciate the advantages of using a broker.
  • Secondly, many clients are unaware of any Commercial Finance Brokers (their bank manager does not always tell them), and some accountants will merely direct them to the one or two high street lenders to whom they always refer deals.
  • Thirdly, contrary to the outdated image of a broker as a solitary figure in a dimly lit room, Sterling Commercial Finance Ltd operates as a cohesive team of qualified professionals. We work in a professional environment, leveraging our collective expertise to serve our clients’ needs effectively.

Sterling Commercial Finance Ltd, a commercial finance brokerage based in the East Midlands, is your trusted partner in raising finance across the UK. Our expertise and experience in the industry ensure that we can secure the best deals for our clients.

Our professional team, with diverse banking, accountancy, and financial services backgrounds, is dedicated to adding significant value to your intended transaction. We look beyond the immediate finance needs, consider the broader business goals, and introduce the most suitable finance options from our extensive network of lenders to make your deal successful.

In many cases, the requirement for a loan, invoice finance, or asset finance facility is part of a larger transaction, often a complete refinance, a management buyout, or a corporate acquisition method. In such cases, our Corporate Finance Team can offer invaluable assistance in project management of the whole transaction.

Sterling Commercial Finance has taken the concept of brokerage to a professional level by establishing a solid introducer base of accountancy practices, mortgage brokers, business consultants and independent financial advisers across the UK.

These professional firms are forward-thinking enough to recognise the value of working with Sterling Commercial Finance to obtain finance for their clients.

Please call the Sterling Commercial Finance Team to discuss commercial finance solutions for your business onĀ  0115 9849800 or email info@sterlingcommercialfinance.co.uk

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